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“Whether you are building a new home, remodeling, updating your electronics or just need some help from a specialist, CEDIA members are your trusted home technology partners.”


All American Smart Homes will help you with planning and installation that will save money and increase the value of your home.

adding smart technologies

Total Home Automation is an ideal solution for new home construction and remodels. Prewiring and installing a premium control system sets the foundation for an enjoyable and energy-efficient lifestyle – indoors and out. Add a dedicated home theater, distributed music system, whole house lighting, automated temperature control and much more.


Future proof your home with cabling that brings maximum performance to all of your home’s technologies.

  • Pre-wire new construction
  • Fiber optic wiring will future proof your home as new technologies emerge
  • Retro-fit installations of existing construction
  • Clean up the mess of wires with cable management

Completed Home

out door lights

"Installing smart home tech can increase the final closing price of a home by 3% to 5%."
National Association of Home Builders

"60% of would-be home buyers say they’d pay more for smart features."
John Burns, Real Estate Consultant

"62% of real estate agents are seeing more buyers interested in controlling a home with technology."
National Association of Realtors

Fiber Optics


Future Proofing

Fiber was designed for demanding audio visual and network installations. It will ensure your system’s performance for years to come.

improves system reliability

Fiber is immune to lightning strikes and power surges.

handles the signals of tomorrow

You cannot transmit 8K over existing copper wires.

New 8K TV + Existing Cabling = Great TV, Same Picture

New 8K TV + Fiber Cabling = Great TV, Amazing 8K Experience

Multiplying Technology Devices

The number of high bandwidth connected devices continues to increase  at an incredible pace.

The Future of Streaming

Ultra High Definition streaming will soon become the standard in homes and businesses.

Fiber Streamlines Wiring

Fiber simultaneously supports audio, video, control and networking signals. Wiring with a single cable is less expensive.

Home Theater
Fiber Optics