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Residential SERVICES

At All American Smart Homes, you will be able to choose from many brands and products that are perfect for your home or business. Call today to learn more about our wide range of smart technology options.

Security & Monitoring


With our security and monitoring systems, you'll have peace of mind right at your fingertips. With cameras, monitoring, and smart locks, you have constant access into your home and can be alerted the moment there might be a problem.


  • No contract security systems available.
  • Cameras with firewalls to stop potential hackers.
  • Be alerted instantly when someone rings your doorbell.
  • Check your cameras and video doorbell from your phone.
  • Have the lights come on at night when you are almost home.
  • Record motion on your property.
  • Set outdoor lights for motion detection.


  • Unlock doors remotely for family or friends.
  • Close or open your garage door from anywhere.
  • Be alerted by phone or voice if there is an issue with carbon monoxide or smoke.
  • Monitor and control the temperature in your home.
  • See your kids or our pets while you away.
Father & Daughter
Electronic Lock

"I love being able to unlock the door for my cleaning service or babysitter from my phone. Plus, my kids can get in with a code instead of a key."
— Kara H.


Smart Lighting & Entertainment Systems

The right smart lighting system will provide convenience, security, and the perfect ambiance — inside or out.

Smart Lighting

  • Turn off all lights in your house with a single command.
  • Easily change the color of your lights.
  • Feel safe at night when you come home, and your lights come on before you step out of the car.
  • Sequence the lights through multiple colors at your next party.



  • Exhilarating sound and incredible video picture can be controlled by a single universal remote in your home theater.
  • Design the perfect outdoor entertainment space by adding the right TV and music system.
  • Enjoy the ultimate video experience with 8K TV.
  • Whole home audio experience that allows the same or different music to play simultaneously in different rooms of your house.
TV Living Room
Outdoor Entertaining Area


"It is very easy to control all of our lights, both indoor and outdoor, even when we are away from home." 
— Steve and Heather H.


Whole Home WIFI So Good, you will never think about WiFI again

the key to a great Smart Home:

  • Whole Home WIFI is the foundation for a fast, reliable, secure Smart Home.
  • Cover every part of your home, deck or pool with fast and reliable WiFi.
  • Eliminates streaming issues on TV’s, tablets, computers and phones throughout your home or office.
Person With a Phone and Laptop